søndag 6. mars 2011

1 Year Later...

So yesterday was my 1 year wedding anniversary, yup..... 365 days have gone by! It's really funny how the same period of time can be so different, living in Norway has been tough, and it certainly feels like we've been here FOREVER, but when it comes to my honey and me, it feels like we just met yesterday, and even more when i think about the fact that i've been married to my sweet love for 1 whole year, it seems like it's gone by sooo incredibly fast and that is, of course, cos i enjoy every single second that i spend with him :)

 As usual, we had no plans for our special date, we just wanted to relax and be cozy together, but i should have known that he had other plans in mind. He told me he had to work for a little while in the morning and asked me to meet him at his job whenever i felt like waking up, suddenly i got a message that looked like this... 

A pic of the hotel where we got married!

So i got up and hurried to the shower, went through all my wardrobe looking for the perfect outfit, did my hair and make up and ran out of the house with more butterflies in my stomach than ever before! While on my way, he texted me a room number... and here i thought i was only going there for a nice dinner! I rushed and got there, now realizing that he hadn't been at work, but he had been preparing this...
 Once i settled down haha we ate some sushi while we watched Big Love and opened up the bottle of bubbly! A little bit later we went down to the hotel bar which has an amazing view and had a couple of drinks.

Really dark pic of me at the hotel bar

The whole evening was perfect, we had such a nice time being cozy like we wanted too and more importantly slept on this amazing bed which i swear to God is the best bed ive ever slept on, every time im there i consider stealing the linens!

Looking forward to our next anniversary,

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